Simulaids® Pediatric ALS Trainer (101-090)

  • Features include:
    • Bag valve mask ventilation
    • Intubation head
    • Oral or nasal intubation
    • Sellicks maneuver
    • Accepts NG tube
    • 4-lead monitoring
    • Brachial pulse
    • External chest compressions
    • Jaw thrust
    • IV sites in hand and arm
    • 2 I/O legs for intraosseous needle insertion and aspiration of bone marrow
    • Scalp vein for palpation
    • Cranial sutures
    • Fontanels
  • Includes soft carry bag
  • 3-year warranty

SimVS Essentials Virtual Assessment System (101102200)

  • Provides the ability to train with a standardized patient, manikin, or simulator using a monitor stand that includes a display, auto BP cuff, pulse ox, and thermometer, along with a separate glucometer
  • Tablet control device used by the instructor can link 1 or more sets of equipment and control each set as a group, allowing the instructor to manage several patient profiles in real time
  • When student activates the related portion of the display for a device, the display will show the relevant information that the instructor has set for the patient (e.g. touching temperature on the display will display the patients temperature)
  • Instructors tablet is then updated, with the students actions showing as feedback
  • Training system can support home health aide, CNA, nursing, and medical programs, as well as allied health training needs
  • System and its components can also be integrated with other, more advanced, SimVS systems seamlessly
  • Provides the ability to build out what parts of the simulation you need, when you need it, using a common system
  • Includes instructor tablet, display tablet, glucometer display, BP cuff, pulse ox finger probe, temperature probe (thermometer), and wheeled stand with basket

ALS Infant Nursing Essentials

SKU: 10109003T