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A fun game format introduces basic ecological and wildlife topics. The game teaches players about animals’ diets, foraging or hunting techniques, food storage, and winter survival. Students learn about special instincts and adaptations that help animals avoid danger from predators and harsh weather.

Players choose an animal token from 1 of 2 groups: predator (lynx or wolf) or prey (beaver, moose, red squirrel, snowshoe hare, or spruce grouse). Each player assumes the role of an animal trying to survive in the American North. The winner is the first animal to collect enough food to reach the sun, the beginning of all food webs.

The game includes gameboard, animal tokens, predator/prey cards, food cards, and dice. Approximate playing time is 30 minutes.

For 7 players, age 12 to adult.

Food Web Game

SKU: 443264
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