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Grades 2–3. For a class of 30 students. This fun, interactive learning program immerses students in scientific discovery as they work to solve the mystery of the stolen funds. Kids will test their CSI skills as they work the case and discover the guilty party. Instructors will find the Missing Money Mystery easy and fun to teach. Each of the 12 lessons provides 1 to 3 activities that teach a new but related aspect of scientific reasoning and a particular scientific process. The text is easy to read and understand, the setups are detailed and uncomplicated, and the processes and procedures are clearly explained in each lesson plan. Classroom Kit includes comprehensive 107-page instructor's guide; teacher resource CD-ROM with printable student handouts, supply list, and training tutorials; and essential supplies to conduct experiments with your class.


Missing Money Mystery: An Introduction to Forensic Science Classroom Kit

SKU: 212193NC

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