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Everything you need to introduce simple measurement concepts is at your fingertips with the Nasco Measurement Kit. For your convenience, some of the most popular and best-selling manipulatives and teaching materials have been assembled in this kit. It contains enough materials for 10 teams of students, as well as demonstration only materials for teacher use. Grades 3-8.


Books Include: Hands-on-Measurement Hands-On Manipulatives

Include: Meter Sticks (10) Centimeter Cubes (1000) Transparent Rulers (10) Demonstration Thermometer (1) Customary/Metric Tape Measures (10) Liquid Measures (1 set) Protractors (10) Measuring Cups (1 set) Interlocking Gram Cubes (1000) Measuring Spoons (1 set) Multishape Liters (1 set of 5) Simple Scale (1) Plastic Links (1000) Square Color Tiles (400) Thermometers (10) Hexagram Weight Set (1) Clock Dials (6)

NASCO Measurement Kit


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