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  • This Breast Self Examination (BSE) Trainer is a flesh-based product for realistic practice.
  • You will no longer have to struggle with keeping the exam model clean because the new, nontoxic material is very stain resistant and cleans up easily with mild soap.
  • Within the breast resides five lumps representing different disease states: cysts (fluid related), fibroadenomas (calcifications), sclerosing adenosis, or fat necrosis. is a website with information pertinent to BSE.
  • The filling is a water-based gel that emulates the natural consistency of a breast.
  • The material is also very durable so that constant use in labs or teaching facilities won't wear it out or tear it.


Three-year warranty.

Simulaids® Breast Self Examination (BSE) Trainer

SKU: 160-1040U
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