Official certified training materials from the U.S. National Safety Council. The U.S. National Safety Council is the most prestigious and well-respected emergency training organization in the world, offering certified training programs and the most advanced training materials in CPR, AED, first aid, airborne/bloodborne pathogens, and basic life support training. National Safety Council's practical training, including video-self-instruction and watch-then-practice formats, significantly increase both skill acquisition and retention compared to traditional teaching methods. This kind of emergency care training provides the expertise you need when every second counts. You will have the confidence that you are training with a certified program. National Safety Council also offers instruction certification for those who wish to be officially certified by the U.S. National Safety Council. Contact your distributor for more details. Includes five CPR Prompt® Infant manikins, 50 face shield/lung bags, insertion tool, and a rugged nylon carry case.

CPR Prompt® - Infant - Pack of 5

SKU: LF06055U