Excellent for AP Environmental Science classes. Globe approved.


Students performing the Leaf Pack Experiments learn to design, implement, and analyze a scientific investigation while discovering the value of aquatic macroinvertebrates as living indicators of water quality and the overall health of a stream ecosystem.


This kit is totally reusable, flexible (adaptable to varying time constraints, number of students, and grade levels), geographically friendly, and complete. All the apparatus and guides necessary for collecting, sorting, and identifying are included.


Kit contains: six mesh bags with waterproof labels, waterproof marker, stainless steel strainer, 14 sorting trays, 60 plastic Petri dishes, six waterproof illustrated sorting sheets, two thermometers, handheld scale, two rulers, 12 brushes, 12 spoons, set of 18 full-color flash cards, six hand lenses, Macro Lens® magnifier with sample holders, nylon twine, six zipper-top bags, and a Tree Finder booklet. Also comes with a comprehensive instructor’s manual, a valuable reference guide that includes background material on stream ecology, a glossary, diagrammed instructions, experiment ideas, and field and lab data sheets. 

LaMotte® Leaf Pack Experiments Stream Ecology Kit

SKU: SB29984M
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