Practice basic and deep tissue knot tying. Advance the specially formulated tissue inserts through the trainer after each incision for a clean surface to suture. The tissue tension can be increased in order to gauge the integrity of practice knots or increase the difficulty of tissue approximation. The tissue inserts can be saved after each use to evaluate the progression of improvement. Vessels can be held in tension by clips to practice ligation and anastomosis. Accommodates all tissue inserts, vessels, and specialty procedural plates. Includes trainer, basic skills platform for knot tying practice, basic tissue insert, three clips, three suction cups, knot typing ropes and basic vessel package consisting of one 4 in. L piece each of 3/16 in. O.D., 5/16 in. O.D., 1/4 in. O.D., and 5/32 in. O.D.

Pro-Stitch Suturing and Surgical Skills Trainer

SKU: SB49563SS
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