This blood collection needle with pre-attached holder is designed to help you comply with OSHA SHIB 10-15-03 (Disposal of Contaminated Needles and Blood Tube Holders Used for Phlebotomy). Needle "bevel up" orientation toward the pink safety shield provides easy identification of bevel position. Immediate one-handed safety feature activation reduces exposure time and doesn’t require a hard surface for activation. The safety shield allows hands to remain behind the needle at all times, eliminating the need for a secondary safety accessory device. Uses PrecisionGlide™ needle technology to ensure highest quality and needle sharpness. 21 G x 1-1/4 in. Eclipse™ blood collection needle with luer adapter. Green hub, thin wall needle with pre-attached holder. Case of 100.

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Vacutainer® Eclipse™ Blood Collection Needle Set

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