Ideal for storage of small quantities of corrosive materials in a stockroom or classroom. Constructed to meet and exceed OSHA and NFPA standards. Built for durability and longevity; fabricated entirely of 3/4" MDF, which will not delaminate; OSHA blue surface finish is 3 layers of temper-cured, acid-resistant epoxy. Hinges and closures are nonmetallic, acid-resistant material. Floor is lined with 0.125"-thick polypropylene, which forms a liquid-tight dam to contain spillage

Approx Capacity: 5 x 2.5 Liter / 16 x 500 mL

Exterior dimensions: 16 3/4" W × 15 3/4" D × 21 1/2" H

Acid Storage Cabinet, Bench Top Model

SKU: 705386NC