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qubeZERO is a generic version of a patient monitoring device.

qubeSERIES monitoring simulation system for your patient monitor/defibrillators.

Key Features:

  • Full functional ECG-monitor interface
  • CPR-mode, defibrillation, pacemaker
  • Checklists and standard procedures for documentation
  • Seamless integration with qubeAV mobile debriefing system
  • Browser-based scenario editor, image, and video library
  • Control of vital parameters by instructor
  • Auscultation functionality, blood glucometer, thermometer with an assessment app

Product components:

  • 1 software license for a monitor/device
  • Hardware (frame, carry case, cables)
  • Sensors: CPR feedback

Dimensions: 24" x 15.75" x 11.5"

Sh. wt. 11.57 lbs without Apple hardware.


SKU: SQqubeZeroEX
  • +65 6463-5312

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