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Altay®. Life size, 27-part torso features open back with musculature, vertebral column, paravertebral nerve branches, and removable vertebra with section of spinal cord. Additional features include interchangeable male and female urogenital inserts (4 parts each); partial dissection of head showing anatomy of buccal cavity, including vasculature, muscles, glands, and osseous structures; and half of brain is removable, revealing excellent view of internal structure.

Other removable components include: right eye with extraocular muscles and optic nerve; trachea; fronts of lungs, showing bronchial complex and vasculature; liver and gall bladder; frontal section of a kidney, showing internal anatomy; heart (divisible in 2 parts); stomach (2 parts); pancreas and spleen with vessels and ducts; and small and large intestines with removable vermiform appendix.

Significant structures are numbered and referenced on the accompanying key. Mounted on a sturdy polymer base. Size (without base), 90 × 23 × 26 cm.

Altay Deluxe Human Male and Female Torso

SKU: 566619BNC

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