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This collection of 12 display mounts is a wonderful resource for showing the diversity of the animal kingdom.

Each mount will also be useful for studies of individual phyla and orders. The collection contains 49 specimens across seven phyla.

Each 6 in. x 5 in. mount houses fully-labeled specimens that have been prepared for many years of classroom service. Contains: Spongilla, Scypha, Chalina, commercial sponge, anemone, jellyfish, hard coral, soft coral, pectin, snail, Chiton, squid, leech, scaleworm, earthworm, starfish, brittlestar, sand dollar, sea cucumber, sea urchin, centipede, millipede, tick, spider, scorpion, horseshoe crab, grasshopper, cicada, beetle, butterfly, water bug, mayfly, hornet, horsefly, dragonfly, stonefly, pill bug, barnacle, shrimp, crab, seahorse, tadpole, turtle, exoskeleton, shell, scale, feather, quill, and hair.

On occasion, similar specimens may be substituted due to availability.

Animal Kingdom Survey Set


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