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Ring Height: From 2.45m to 3.05m(8' to 10'), telescopic adjustment
- Rim inner diameter: 45cm
- Rim material: 16mm steel
- Net Material: Weather proof nylon
- Backboard size: approx. 112cm x 72cm(44"X29")
- Backboard material: Blow molding PE.
- Pole Material: 3pcs round steel tubes, dia. 76mm(3")
- Base size: approx. 115cm x 75cm x 20cm
- Base material: Blow Molding PE.
- The base can be filled with 125kgs of water or with sand for maintaining stability.
- The base includes two wheels on the front, enabling easy movement to desired location. With two wheels, the system can be moved at a certain leaning angle.


SKU: NC816061
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