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Grades 9–12. Introduce students to the chemical processes within living organisms and perform some of the most common biochemical tests to identify those macromolecules. Students first perform qualitative tests to confirm the presence of starches, sugars, proteins, and lipids in both standard and sample solutions. They use their observations of these tests on the sample solutions of bananas at various stages of ripening and of diastase malt to then perform their own biochemical reaction and test the results.

Carolina ChemKits®: Introduction to Biochemistry includes activities to:

  • Use Benedict's solution, iodine-potassium iodide, biuret reagent, and Sudan III to perform confirmatory qualitative tests
  • Study bananas at various stages of ripening with and without enzymes
  • Use an enzyme to break down a starch
  • Test for the presence of starch throughout a biochemical reaction

Kit activities require approximately 50 min of classroom time. Kit materials are sufficient for 30 students working in 10 groups of 3 students each.

Carolina ChemKits: Introduction to Biochemistry

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