Are you looking for a simple, effective way to introduce your students to microscopy? If so, this product is for you! Students can use this large, double-sided vinyl mat to easily guide themselves through basic microscope information and simple slide-making techniques.

The front of the durable mat features a picture of a basic compound microscope. The parts of the microscope are labeled and the function of each part is defined. In addition, students can use the clear, concise instructions to learn how to properly focus and magnify specimens.

The back of the mat features microscope care information and tips, along with the formula for calculating total magnification. Generalized instructions also step students through making a dry mount, a wet mount, and using a simple stain. Images of each type of slide are shown.

This mat has everything your students need to know about introductory microscopy. You can even use it year after year, as it resists spills and wipes clean easily. Size, 11 x 17".

Carolina Introduction to Microscopy Mat

SKU: 319900NC