intermediate - Easy to perform; requires some background knowledge.
Students act as forensic scientists in this hands-on activity that explores the theory, process, and applications of VNTR-based DNA fingerprinting. Using color-coded pop-bead models, students simulate molecular biology procedures to create a simplified DNA fingerprint for a murder suspect.

In groups, students use the materials in this kit to simulate restriction enzyme digestion, gel electrophoresis, Southern transfer, probe hybridization, and autoradiography. Finally, students compare the DNA fingerprint they create to the DNA fingerprints provided and determine if the murder suspect is guilty or innocent. Kit includes teacher's manual with reproducible student guide and enough materials for a class of 32 students.

Paper Refill Kit (item #211042) replenishes consumed materials. Replacement beads and connectors (items #171041 through #171049) also are available for separate purchase.


Criminal DNA Fingerprinting Simulation Kit

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