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Glo Germ™ stands out as the preferred training medium by virtually anyone who teaches proper handwashing techniques or food safety compliance. Nearly invisible in ordinary light, Glo Germ™ (fluorescent plastic particles) glows under ultraviolet light. To use the Glo Germ™ Oil, simply place a small amount of the oil in the palm of one hand and rub both hands together like applying hand lotion. After thoroughly washing hands, turn off the lights and place the UV lamp over the hands. The “germs” are easily detected under the UV light. This graphic illustration shows where bacteria can hide and reveals areas most often missed in handwashing. The Glo Germ™ Powder is used to demonstrate cross contamination and surface cleaning. Sprinkle the powder onto the hands, fake a sneeze, and shake hands with several people. Dim the lights and place the UV lamp over the hands and face to reveal how easily germs are spread. To demonstrate surface cleaning, lightly dust a small amount of powder onto a surface, such as a countertop. Clean the surface as you normally would and then pass the UV lamp over the area. Any remaining traces of powder will glow indicating residual bacteria. Kit contains an 8-oz. bottle of oil (approx. 75-100 demos), a 1.9-oz. bottle of powder (approx. 150-200 demos), 9 LED ultra-violet flashlight, and three “AA” batteries.

Glo Germ™ Kit - Small

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