Help clients make smart food choices by letting them see at a glance the fat content of common foods. They’ll think twice before choosing high-fat foods! Each display includes 10 tubes in a display stand and a guide with ideas for use. Do not store in high heat.

Includes Part I with the following foods: hot dog, fast food cheeseburger, fish, bologna, cheese, chicken, ground beef, skim milk, and whole milk. WA16053H

Part II with the following foods: McDonald’s® french fries, McDonald’s® Premium Grilled Chicken Classic sandwich, Pizza Hut® pizza, Milky Way® bar, Ritz® and Townhouse® crackers, graham and saltine crackers, regular and baked potato chips, and regular ice cream and Dairy Queen® soft serve ice cream.WA16054H

Part III with the following foods: five regular and reduced fat or lite products: margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressing, cream cheese, and sour cream.WA16931H.

How Much Fat? Test Tube Displays - Complete Set

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