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The 15 rocks in this group are representative of the intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks and those related to volcanic activities.


Specimens are about 1 1/2" and are number coded and keyed to a list. 

Fifteen specimens in compartmented container.


Description of RocksQtyIncluded
Pegmatite (Labeled '1')1Included
Granite (Labeled '2')1Included
Diabase (Labeled '3')1Included
Anorthosite (Labeled '4')1Included
Gabbro (Labeled '5')1Included
Basalt Porphyry (Labeled '6')1Included
Trachyte (Labeled '7')1Included
Basalt (Labeled '8')1Included
Ryolite (Labeled '9')1Included
Andesite (Labeled '10')1Included
Tuff (Labeled '11')1Included
Obsidian (Labeled '12')1Included
Pitchstone (Labeled '13')1Included
Pumice (Labeled '14')1Included
Scoria (Labeled '15')1Included

Igneous Rocks Collection


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