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A great kit for studying the basic rock types.


Includes 5 each of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks; an activity guide; and a magnifying glass.


Description of RocksQtyIncluded
Obsidian (Labeled '1')1Included
Granite (Labeled '2')1Included
basalt (Labeled '3')1Included
Scoria (Labeled '4')1Included
Rhyolite (Labeled '5')1Included
Shale (Labeled '6')1Included
Calcareous Tufa (Labeled '7')1Included
Sandstone (Labeled '8')1Included
Conglomerate (Labeled '9')1Included
Limestone (Labeled '10')1Included
Slate (Labeled '11')1Included
Marble (Labeled '12')1Included
Quartzite (Labeled '13')1Included
Gneiss (Labeled '14')1Included
Schist (Labeled '15')1Included

Introduction to Rocks Study Kit


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