Make a huge, lasting impression with Lipo-Visuals™ and Nasco replicas of our favorite foods. Our favorite foods are often the highest in fat and sugar content, and with Lipo-Visuals™ you can compare these contents at a glance. You can also compare the maximum daily fat intake and maximum daily sugar intake to how much is in your favorite foods. Use the highly detailed Nasco food replicas to help visualize high-fat foods and compare portion sizes with the fat and sugar content portrayed in the Lipo-Visuals™. Foods examined include french fries, cheeseburger, sweet roll, pepperoni pizza, soda, candy bar, and hot fudge sundae. Lipo-Visuals™ tubes are packed in a box for easy storage, and Nasco replicas come with a convenient storage container.

Made in the U.S.A.

Life/form® Favorite Foods Replica Kit with Lipo-Visuals™

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