• Caring for a baby with an ostomy may feel overwhelming 
  • The LIFE/FORM® Infant Ostomy Trainer has been created to educate caregivers and parents on how to give special care to an infant with a stoma
  • This trainer will help by teaching step-by-step procedures for cleaning and caring for a baby's stoma and changing the pouching system
  • The anatomy of the colostomies were carefully reproduced to provide lifelike appearance and functions 
  • A soft, pliable material is used for the stomas in order to achieve the most realistic tactile sensation
  • The syringes included are used to inject simulated stool through ports to the colostomy sites
  • Consistency of the simulated stool can be thinned by adding water
  • The colostomy sites can also be irrigated
  • The simulated stool may be reused
  • Trainer comes complete with one ostomy bag, a glove, two 3 cc syringes, 1 oz. jar of stool, 1 oz. jar of lubricant, wash bottle for irrigation, instruction manual, and a storage box


Five-year warranty.

Sh. Weight: 1.75 lbs ( 0.79 kg )

LIFE/FORM® Infant Ostomy Trainer

SKU: LF00905U
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