Catheterization is one of the basic skills all nursing students must learn, and to learn the techniques, they must practice. Any patient volunteers? Not likely!


But simulators allow demonstration and practice in urinary catheterization without embarrassment or discomfort to the patient or the students.

In addition, catheterization simulators are useful for anatomical identification and demonstration of perineal care.


  • The realism of Nasco Life/form® Catheterization Simulators will help your students bridge the gap, from classroom to bedside, with ease and comfort


*NOTE: A 16 Fr. Silicone Foley catheter can be used if extreme care is taken to inflate the cuff only when it is in the proper position. Just as in a real patient, the cuff must be completely deflated before the catheter is removed. Improper use of a Foley can result in damage to the simulator, just as when using a Foley catheter with a real patient.


LIFE/FORM® simulators have a Five-year warranty.

Sh. Weight: 33 lbs. ( 14.97 kg )


Includes Female Catheterization Simulator (LF00856U) and Male Catheterization Simulator (LF00855U).

LIFE/FORM® Male & Female Catheterization Simulator Set

SKU: LF00857U
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