Made with a soft vinyl skin over a core of stitchable foam to provide a lifelike suturing experience for students or a realistic suturing demonstration by an instructor.


  • Realistic skin texture with wrinkles, pores, and visible fingerprints.
  • Soft and pliable for easy sewing, the skin is tough enough that sutures will not pull out when tightened.
  • Each unit provides three pre-existing "wounds". 
  • These wounds can be sutured repeatedly until the skin around them is finally worn out; then, new wounds can be cut.
  • Although disposable, the trainers provide hundreds of suturing experiences before wearing out.
  • Conservatively, over one hundred cuts can be made on each trainer and each of these cuts can be sutured several times.
  • Each trainer comes with a starter package of sutures and instruction booklet.
  • Set consists of one Practice Arm (LF01028) and one Practice Leg (LF01034).

LIFE/FORM® Suture and Stapling Practice Trainer Set

SKU: LF01031U
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