Dual-sex, life-size torso with head and musculature, plus sagittal cut of the neck with details. Open back from cerebellum to sacrum allows study of the vertebrae and surrounding structures. Mounted on base. Parts numbered and detailed key card included. On this model, both left and right deltoid muscles are detachable, right leg is fully removable with tendons, vessels, nerves, and osseous parts shown, and right lung is removable. 17 in. x 13 in. x 30 in. One-year warranty.

Removable parts include

  • Head with skull-cap sectioned by frontal cut (2 parts) removable from the neck, superficial and internal musculature, as well as nervous system and blood vessels are shown, with open nasal and buccal cavity, pharynx, and skull base
  • Brain with arteries (9 parts)
  • Thorax and abdominal wall with removable mammary gland (2 parts)
  • 2 dissectible lung lobes (sagittal cut)
  • Eyeball with optic nerve and musculature (removable)
  • Heart with valves and enveloping membrane (3 parts)
  • Large intestine with vermicular appendix opening (2 parts)
  • Female genital organ with a 3-month embryo
  • Male genital organ with penis (4 parts)
  • Removable left major gluteus
  • Stomach (2 parts)
  • Trunk with musculature and open back
  • Iliac vein
  • Detachable liver with gallbladder
  • Removable small intestine
  • Kidney median cut dissectible (cover)
  • Vermicular cove

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Life-Size Muscular Torso with Head (Model 300-TB)

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