Feels, sutures, and behaves like real tissue! Use LifeLike BioTissue Double Layer Skin for skills development training in:

  • Basic Plastic Surgery Skills
  • Elliptical excision and primary closure
  • Full-thickness skin grafts
  • Local flap coverage
  • Skin Suturing


This 5 in. x 6 in. slab of skin with a top dermis layer and fat tissue underneath is ideal for suturing, stapling, and various plastic surgery skills training. Reusable. Long shelf life - no refrigeration required. Nontoxic, latex-free, and not oily. Comes packed in water in a resealable pouch to keep product moist.


Durable Skin Base is highly recommended (SB48845U, sold separately).

LifeLike BioTissue Double Layer Skin

SKU: SB48846U
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