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More versatile than the basic kit, this unit gives you more complex wounds for testing higher levels of skill in bandaging and patient care, while keeping initial expenditures low. Three-year warranty.
• Bleeding strap-on wounds complete with reservoir bags with pump assembly
• 1 open amputation
• 1 compound fracture of tibia, lower leg
• 1 compound fracture of humerus, upper arm
• 1 sucking wound of chest
• 1 gunshot wound of palm
Makeup Accessories:
• 1 bottle coagulant makeup blood
• 3 spatulas
• 1 pkg. of methyl cellulose for blood thickening
• 3 wood tongue depressors
• 3 packages powder to make three gallons of simulated blood
• 1 casualty simulation wax
• 1 body adhesive for stick-on wounds
• 1 atomizer mist sprayer
• 24 assorted stick-on lacerations and open fracture wounds
• 1 pkg. broken Plexiglas® for simulating glass embedded wound
• 1 ea. grease paint colors: white, blue, brown, and red

Multiple Casualty Simulation

SKU: 800-816UNC

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