A versatile nutrition teaching tool for all ages! Just cut out the food replicas printed on soft vinyl material and use them as clings on colorful MyPlate place mats (sold separately, WA29396). Use the clings to demonstrate appropriate intake by arranging the clings to illustrate meals. Foods stick to the place mats, but can be repositioned and used over and over again. There are some foods in the sets that have no place on MyPlate, so participants learn that these foods should not be routinely included in their diets. Two sheets with food images to cut out (18 in. x 12-1/2 in.). Dip clings in a bowl of warm water with a drop of dishwashing detergent to clean and restore clinging ability. Set includes a reproducible sheet includes nutrition information for each food listed: apple, apple pie, bacon, bagel, beef roast, blackberries, carrots, chicken nuggets, chili, chocolate bar, chocolate cake, cooked hamburger, cola, corn on the cob, cornbread, french fries, graham crackers, grapes, grape jelly, grape juice, grilled cheese, sandwich, ketchup, lima beans, macaroni and cheese, mustard, onion, pancake, peach, PB&J sandwich, peas, pickle relish, pizza, plums, pork tenderloin, raisin bran cereal, red pepper rings, salmon, scrambled egg, sliced bananas, skim milk, spaghetti with meatballs, string cheese, toasted oats cereal, tomato, watermelon, whole grain spaghetti, whole milk, and yams.

Nasco Food Cling Set II

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