Dramatic visual aids to help demonstrate how much fat is found in common foods. This set includes the How Much Fat? Test Tube Display - Part I (WA16053G), and the Nasco Fats and Food Replica Kit containing realistic replicas for all of the foods illustrated in the How Much Fat? Test Tube Display - Part 1. Includes: 8-oz. glass whole milk, 8-oz. glass skim milk, 3-oz. broiled hamburger patty, 3-oz. grilled chicken breast, 3-oz. broiled haddock, 1-oz. round bologna slice, 1-1/2-oz. hot dog, 4-oz. fried hamburger patty, hamburger bun, 1-oz. American cheese slice, lettuce leaf, and tomato slice. Replicas come packaged in a handy storage box with resealable bags.

Made in the U.S.A.

Nasco How Much Fat? Test Tube Display and Food Replica Set

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