All the most important pieces for understanding your daily intake. Start with the My Daily Intake wheel, where clients can dial in their age, gender, and activity level to determine the correct calories and amount of food from each food group. Clients can then use the Nasco food replicas to assemble meals for the day. A take-home TearPad™ sheet reinforces what they have learned. Kit includes 8-1/4 in. dia. My Daily Intake wheel, 25 MyPlate paper plates, MyPlate TearPad™ with Dietary Guidelines information (50 double-sided sheets), information sheet with nutrition information for each of the included food replicas, and the following food replicas:

  • banana, half
  • beef cubes
  • blackberries
  • brussels sprouts
  • cheese, cottage
  • egg, hard-cooked
  • juice, tomato
  • mango
  • milk, skim
  • muffin, English, whole wheat
  • oatmeal
  • rice, brown
  • salmon
  • yam
  • yogurt

Nasco Mini MyPlate Food Replica Kit

SKU: WA34550MP