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Introduce your students to the diversity of the plant kingdom with this collection of 12 display mounts.

Each 6 in. x 5 in. display contains fully-labeled specimens.

The entire set fits neatly into a labeled box for easy storage.

The fungi, algae, lichens, and true plants are represented with 47 attractive specimens.

Not only does this collection represent the vast diversity of plants, but individual mounts will be invaluable for lessons on diversity within groups of plants and their relatives. Contains: algae (brown, red, green), lichens (umbilicate, crustose, foliose, fruticose), fungi (puffball, cedar apple [gall], bracket fungus, coral fungus), liverworts (Bazzania, Marchantia, Riccia, Conocephalum), mosses (Dicranum, Polytrichum, Sphagnum, Thuidium), seedless vascular plants (whisk fern, horse tail, club moss, fern), gymnosperms (pine, yew, juniper, ginkgo), monocot angiosperm (leaf, flower, stem, seedling), dicot angiosperms (leaf, flower, stem, seedling), seed types (legume, achene, caryopsis, nut, samara, drupe), leaf venation (pinnate [skeletonized], palmate, parallel), and parasites and epiphytes (dodder [on host], mistletoe, Spanish moss).

On occasion, similar specimens may be substituted due to availability.

Plant Kingdom Activity Set


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