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Place these pressure ulcers directly on a manikin or live person to practice proper techniques for diagnosis, cleaning, and dressing of the wound. Designed and made with the same materials, manufacturing techniques, and quality used in major motion pictures, these wounds are extremely detailed, including tissue density, subtle skin textures, color, tissue degradation, and fine hair. Stage 3 and 4 ulcers include an internal cavity that can be filled ahead of time for real mediation of purulent discharge. Wounds are easy to apply and clean, reusable, mold resistant, and durable. Includes four pressure ulcers (one each of Stages 1-4), special two-part Wound Bond Adhesive, purulent discharge (4 oz.), PET syringe, 10 in. x 13 in. foam-lined storage box, and instructions for application, cleaning, and care.

Pressure Ulcer Simulation Training Kit - Light

SKU: SB51845M

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