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Rescue Randy - 55 Lbs. (25kg)


Used by the U.S. Military, Fire, and Police Departments, Safety Teams, and Emergency Personnel for rescue and extrication from pole top, confined spaces, collapsed buildings, smoke rooms, and ladder carry-down protocols worldwide.


  • Rescue Randy was developed for lifelike adult or juvenile victim handling, transportation, and extrication training
  • Made for longevity and rugged use
  • Made of durable vinyl with 4,100-lb. test plastic-coated cables
  • Fully articulated for positioning in widely diversified training environments
  • Can be seated in an automobile, positioned in a smoke-filled room, and immobilized on a stretcher for mountain rescue instruction
  • Useful for simulating the removal of victims from utility poles, conduits, mine cave-ins, tunnels, and limitless other training procedures
  • 5 ft. 5 in. H (165 cm )
  • Includes shorts


Sh. Weight: 64 lbs. (29.03kg)

Simulaids® Rescue Randy Manikin - 55lbs (25kg)

SKU: 149-1338NC

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