Make training in tube feeding and suction easier! This model trains in the following areas:

  • Care of patients wearing gastric fistula
  • Insertion of catheter, both nasal and oral Reaching of the catheter into the stomach
  • Suction associated with tube feeding, as well as simple suctioning of the intubation tube and tracheal cannula

Trainer can be set in a semi-sitting position for nasal or oral catheter insertion. Students can measure the length of the catheter using the xiphoid process mark as an indicator (catheters ranging in size from 5-15Fr can be used). Reaching of the catheter into the stomach is confirmed by suctioning of gastric juice (water) or auscultating bubble sound after injecting air with a syringe. Actual nutrient can be injected in gastric fistula simulations (nutrient, forceps, and cotton not included). Tank is removable for easy water cleanup. Head is also removable for cleanup. Includes tube feeding catheter, catheter tip type syringe, stoma button, lubricant, pseudo sputa, container and muddler for mixing pseudo sputa, silicon cap, tray, and storage case.

Sakamoto Tube Feeding Trainer II

SKU: SB50919T
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