For individual student self-instruction in cardiac auscultation. This system was developed at the University of Texas Medical B ranch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas. The system consists of:

  • Produced instruction, heart sounds, and synchronized pulse along with each lesson
  • 10 individual text/workbooks with color graphics and a review and self-evaluation with typical examples of the studied sounds
  • A sound reproducer insuring auditory realism that allows practice with the student’s own stethoscope
  • A pulse reproducer with force/displacement
  • Characteristics that mimic those of hemodynamic pulses providing a simulated carotid
  • Pulse with tactile realism

Lessons include a summary, practice, and evaluation:

  • Lesson 1: Intro. to Cardiac Auscultation & Normal Heart Sounds
  • Lesson 2: Normal Variant Cardiac Sounds
  • Lesson 3: Abnormal Heart Sounds
  • Lesson 4: Murmurs

Instruction manual

  • Interconnect cable - the connection between the computer and pulse reproducer
  • Main assembly STS/PTS power supply (110V/220V)
  • Main assembly STS/PTS driver - unit to interface a connection
  • Between the pulse and sound reproducers
  • 1 headphone included
  • Allow extra delivery time.

Self-Teaching System (STS) for Cardiac Auscultation

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