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Fits a child manikin of about 5-7 years of age with a calf measurement of 9 in. (23 cm) and a heel to back of knee length of 7 in.-8 in. (18-20 cm). Fits from heel to knee. These simulation accessories are designed to zip over the ankles and lower legs of manikins from various manufacturers. Light beige leggings have a slight sheen and exhibit the characteristic "pitting" when pressure is applied to the legging, making them ideal for use in cardiac and respiratory arrest scenarios. Phlebitis can also be simulated by placing reusable or disposable gel hand warmers (not included) between the cover and the foam in the calf area to create warmth, then adding powdered blush to the outside of the fabric on the calf area to simulate the redness associated with phlebitis. The leggings are easy to store and care for. Simply machine wash and dry the outer cover, then store in the included storage bag. Latex-free leggings are made in a scent-free environment. Sold in pairs. NOTE: Be sure to measure the calf circumference of the manikin or patient before ordering.

SimLeggings™ Pitting Edema - Youth

SKU: SB50969PE
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