students design and build solar cell-powered circuits to explore current, loads, voltage, and polarity. Suitable for middle and high school, the clear, easy-to-follow instructions incorporate wiring diagrams, applied math, and student questions with a focus on energy conversion.

With this kit students explore:

  • How a solar cell works
  • How to build circuits to power different devices with solar energy
  • How to use a multimeter to learn about voltage, electric current, and power
  • How to build a solar-powered battery charger (batteries included)

Labs include:

  • Setting up equipment and building a simple circuit
  • How the amount of light affects the amount of electricity produced
  • Measuring voltage and polarity
  • Series circuits
  • Wiring loads in series
  • Measuring current
  • Adding current with parallel loads
  • Building a solar-powered battery charger

One kit engages 2 to 4 students. Includes 9 labs, a glossary, and 2 rechargeable AAA batteries.

SolarLab 1.0

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