This kit reinforces for any audience, from children to the elderly, how simple it is to eat smart with MyPlate.

  • Help clients plan to eat from each food group every time they eat
  • Identifies appropriate intakes for different ages and activity levels
  • Use Nasco’s food replicas to recognize and remember portion sizes by having clients make selections for their plate and handling the realistic three-dimensional replicas
  • Includes 25 MyPlate paper plates, Start Simple with MyPlate TearPad™ (WA35399), and the 18 food replicas listed below:
    • banana, half
    • blueberries
    • broccoli
    • cheese, cottage
    • cheese cubes
    • chicken strips
    • crackers, whole grain
    • dressing, French
    • eggs, scrambled
    • juice, tomato
    • mango chunks
    • margarine
    • milk, skim
    • rice, brown
    • salad, tossed
    • tilapia
    • toast
    • water

Start Simple with MyPlate Kit

SKU: WA35400MP