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A set of legs in six lengths that easily snap together to motivate students to explore plane geometry at their desk. Students will discover what happens as they use the same-length legs versus different-length legs to build various polygons. As students attach additional legs, they’ll study polygon heights, calculate areas, find center points, and much more! When two AngLegs® of any length are snapped onto the 4 in. protractor, they’ll explore angles, add a third leg for triangles, a fourth for quadrilaterals, etc. Each 74 piece set includes 72 AngLegs® (12 each of six different lengths in six colors) and two snap-on, View-Thru™ protractors. Includes set of 15 activity cards, divided into three sections for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. All activities adhere to NCTM Standards for geometry.         

Student AngLegs® Set


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