Now you can have complete mobility in your classroom!


The Battery-Operated Orbiter® effectively demonstrates daylight, sunlight, night, seasons, and phases of the moon anywhere in your room. The sun, earth, and moon manually revolve around each other on this sturdy, gear-driven model.

  • Arm is 15" L; sun is 6" diam; earth is 4" diam; and moon is 1" diam.
  • Includes a lesson plan, study guide, and 4 AA batteries.



Note: The arm, the earth, and the moon of the Orbiter® rotate manually around the sun. The tilt of the earth is kept in a static position as it is rotated. The earth and moon are shown in true scale: 1 in = 2,000 miles. If the sun were to be shown at the same scale, it would be approximately 36 ft in diameter!

The Orbiter®, Battery Operated

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