Be prepared for any assembly or repair need! This 21-piece set includes: 1/8 in. flat screwdriver, 3/16 in. flat screwdriver, 1/4 in. flat screwdriver, #0 Phillips screwdriver, #1 Phillips screwdriver, #2 Phillips screwdriver, 3/16 in. nut driver, 1/4 in. nut driver, Reversible T10 and T15 torque screwdriver, Solder reel, Soldering iron (UL), Spare parts tube, Tweezers, Reverse action tweezers, 3 claw grabber, IC inserter (14-16 pin ICs), IC extractor, 5 in. L nose pliers, 5 in. diagonal cutter, 8 in. crimping tool & Black zipper case

Tool Kit

SKU: SB49804M191NC
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