A life-size adult skull, horizontally sectioned with removable vault. The model shows the major veins and arteries of the head (external and internal) and neck. The mandible is not articulated or removable - instead the entire skull can be angled/positioned to view the underside using the flexible stand. The vault lifts to expose all the internal features of the cranium. The separate skull bones are clearly shown and meticulous molding details the fine bones of the nasal concha, internal carotid artery canal, and full-size styloid processes. The arteries are shown in red on one side and the veins in blue on the other. Removing the vault exposes the main arteries and veins/sinuses on the floor of the cranium. Made from a unique, specially formulated material with the look and feel of real bone allowing reproduction of fine anatomical detail to the most exacting requirements. Includes seven cervical vertebrae mounted on a flexible stand.

Vascular Skull

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